About Beth Mellor and Beeboo

Did you know? I started making jewelry/beads under the guise of Beeboo around 1998 (studio named for my wee tots Bee & Boo now adults), the torch hasn't cooled since! Glass color/texture is my passion and my play. I sporadically blog and actively maintain a few facebook pages... you're welcome to send a friend request to me at Beth Mellor as I'm all about the beads on my personal page. I have a business page for Beeboo, a private Beebootoo group where I list beads for sale and WearBeeboo for finished jewelry.
BethMy home-based studio houses the hot glass equipment with torch and kilns and the chaos of everything else creative. My daughter Phoebe and I are launching Harlow Glass Supply located on the first floor #109 at 100 Grove Street Worcester MA, currently displaying Beeboo, soon to house supplies for glass artists.

Mom and DadCelebrating the life of Herb Maynard My fabulous father, Herb Maynard, passed away in 2005 after a long battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease). My equally fabulous Mom, Natalie, was Dad's primary care-giver. Throughout the two year battle both Herb and Natalie continued to make the most of every day, taking it as it came and relishing their time together. They are my inspiration.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the day! Beth & Beeboo

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